High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter

BSL HEPA filter The liquid tank of the high-efficiency filter without partitions is filled with polyurethane two-component gel and used as an installation seal. This sealing form has high reliability and no leakage, and is suitable for on-site DOP dust leak detection.   1.Air supply and exhaust of clean space or purification equipment 2.Two types: side liquid tank and top liquid tank 3.Reliable sealing effect 4.Polyurethane gel has good resilience and can be disassembled and assembled many times Dry and wet double sealing can be done for special needs

Products Details

MODEL L×W×D (m3/h) Initial Pressure Drop(Pa) Final Pressure Drop(Pa) @MPPS
BSL410.410-93H14 410×410×93 500 220 450 99.995%≤E<99.9995%
BSL550.550-93H14 550×550×93 1000
BSL650.650-93H14 650×650×93 1500
BSL750.750-93H14 750×750×93 2000
BSL370.370-93H14D 370×370×104 500
BSL510.510-93H14D 510×510×104 1000
BSL610.610-93H14D 610×610×104 1500
BSL710.710-93H14D 710×710×104 2000
Note: It can produce non-standard filters.  

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