Clean Room Coated Steel Door

The clean steel door is made of galvanized steel sheet by bending and pressing. The three sides are sealed with self-foaming rubber strips, and the bottom is sealed with automatic lifting dust sweeping strips. It is a product designed for clean rooms that require good sealing; various colors It can be customized according to customer requirements!

Products Details

Standard size • 900*2100 mm • 1200*2100mm • 1500*2100 mm • Personalized customization
Overall thickness 50/75/100mm/customized
Door thickness 50/75/100mm/customized
Material thickness • Door frame: 1.5mm galvanized steel • Door panel: 1.0mm galvanized steel sheet"
Door core material Flame retardant paper honeycomb/aluminum honeycomb/rock wool
Viewing window on the door • Right angle double window - black/white edge • Round corner double windows - black/white trim • Double windows with outer square and inner circle - black/white edge
Hardware accessories • Lock body: handle lock, elbow press lock, escape lock • Hinge: 304 stainless steel detachable hinge • Door closer: exterior type. Built-in type
Sealing measures •  Door panel glue injection self-foaming sealing strip • Lifting sealing strip at the bottom of the door leaf"
Surface treatment Electrostatic spraying - color optional

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